Friday, February 14, 2014

Spring Patterns || New PDF Patterns

I have been working for what seems like forever on what may be my favorite patterns yet. Patterns I have already made several times over and I can't get enough of them. I LOVE when I can share something I really love and my kids really love with you. So I will be giving more details and pictures and all that over the next week but they have hit the shop today and just for this weekend you can get them at a promotional price of only $5.95 per pattern (regular $9) The promotional pricing will end Sunday (the 16th) at midnight. 
So first up. The Anytime At All Tee. It's a tee literally for any time at all. Loaded with options for color blocking, ruffles, accents, pockets, and the 3m, 6m, and 9m size are bodysuits, perfect for babies.
 There isn't much better than a color blocked bodysuit, except maybe for the fact that one pattern can get a body suit for the baby and a color blocked top for the older kids as well. I can't wait to show you all of the others I made.

 Next up the Georgia Twirl. It's the perfect top and dress, lots of twirl factor and the pattern includes tips for color blocking (you know because I love to color block basically everything)

I have made 6 so far, and I keep dreaming up new ones. The pattern is incredibly easy to make and it comes together super quick, I think I am pumping them out in about an hour now. The impact is huge and I love it on both girls. 

Last but certainly not least, something for the dudes. The Rigby Polo. Totally not your average polo. It has motorcycle influences, and a faux placket that could not possibly be easier to sew. The bodice and sleeve are color blocked (sense a theme?) It's a great way to mix prints, and colors even though I tend to gravitate to these neutral tones for Jude. 
 And now because I just can't resist. Jude and his super cool modeling. The kid is my favorite person ever.  He knows how to push my buttons sure, and he has energy like you would not believe. (well maybe you would I mean check out his "poses") The kid has a huge heart. He is just a lover of life and he keeps me on my toes.
 Taking pictures with him used to be a lot of "when will this be over" and now it's his chance to get creative and think of "new moves" I usually don't stop laughing. Especially when he says "hold on" and then walks off set for a moment to gather his thoughts and think of his next pose.
 He usually comes back with a "I have a great idea!" He is branching out of the go to moves of, "riding a motorcycle" or "laying an egg"

Which usually means I end up with things like this. Like I said, he is a charmer. What's not to love about this kid. 


  1. Congrats on those beautiful patterns! I specially like the polo shirt; A different yet wearable shirt for boys! Love the color block. Jude is adorable... Heading to the shop!!

  2. So good!! I love the georgia twirl and I can definitely see the Anytime shirt being a big staple.

  3. Wow, what a fabulous collection! Congrats on the release! I LOVE the photos!

  4. Love all these patterns!!! Especially the tee, such a great staple!

  5. This is SO amazing I can hardly stand it!

  6. Wow this is so amazing and so many patterns all in one go? wow. The patterns look great, the clicks and models too :). Thanks, Preethi.

  7. oh my them all.
    that boy pattern is perfect- and a basic onesie- so needed!

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