Saturday, February 8, 2014

Don't Go Breaking My Heart Tee || Tutorial

Valentines day is just around the corner. (seriously where did January go??) I am not a big Valentines day person, I don't love the holiday, but I do love hearts. So if there is a day set aside to wear hearts, and cover everything with hearts than I am all for it. Abbey also loves hearts, and will wear anything with a heart on it. So it's a win win.
 I was thinking about hearts and geometric shapes and I thought it would be fun to make a heart that was pieced together, like a mended broken heart. I used the Apple Loungewear pattern for the top. I just cut the long sleeves to short sleeves and added a cuff to finish them. I used a sweater knit from Girl Charlee which I love, it's soft and has a great drape, but it is also super stretchy without great recovery so the neckband hangs a little loose, and the top stretches down a little from the weight of the heart and the knit.
 Still though I love the look, I love the hi-low hem, and I love how comfy it looks.
 1. First I cut a heart shape out of some faux leather.
2. I cut the heart up into pieces and trimmed each piece so there would be gaps.
3. I pieced it back together to make sure it fit how I wanted.
4. Since my knit was really stretchy and slinky I stabilized the back with some interfacing cut in the heart shape.
5. I used Heat n'Bond ironed on to the back of all the heart pieces.
6. Peel off the paper backing and then cover with a cloth and iron the heart pieces down to the shirt.  Stitch around the edges of each piece if desired.

 It's a relatively quick project with big impact, and perfect for Valentines day, but not so over the top that it will only be worn one day of the year.
 And with the comfort of the top I am sure the top will be worn everyday that it's clean.
Which is fine by me.

Apple LoungeWear Top || Shwin Designs
Red Sweater Knit || Girl Charlee
Gold Faux Leather || Joanns
Heat n' bond || Joanns
Jeggings || Gap
Boots || Gap


  1. They look really good. Looks like a quick win too. Thanks, Preethi.

  2. Way cute!! I've linked to your tutorial on Craft Gossip:

  3. Really cute and can totally be worn year-round. I have the apple lounge wear top pattern and have been wanting to sew in all in knit, so I'm glad to see a sample of how it may look. Thanks!!

  4. I want one! You should totally make it in adult sizes--I would buy the pattern! I love your patterns--it's not fair that my daughter should get all the goodies ;-)

  5. This is so great. I love the fractured heart thing lately.

  6. CUTE. . . the broken pieces of a heart design are not RED or pink! I like the color of the knit top with short sleeves & loose so a turtleneck top can be worn underneath. Versatile top to be coordinated with every color of pants or skirt for your young girl. Thanks for sharing. Looks like she really enjoyed the photo shoot outdoors, yet still snow on the ground. Sarah Helene, Minneapolis

  7. I LOVE this! And yes, it can be worn all year! I want to make them for my nieces (and for me!) When I first saw this project I was bummed that I didn't know how to sew, then I read on and realized that I CAN make this one. Thanks so much!
    ~ Beth Anne from


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