Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Can't Buy Me Love Skirt || Tutorial

 What do you do when your dear friend Kate sends you a super awesome tee shirt that she found at a thrift store? You make a skirt to go with it. (naturally) You see the shirt, it's amazing! Seriously. If you are new around here then you may not know my love affair with the Beatles. It's a love that I pass down to my children. They are frequently found singing Beatles songs, and together as a family we watched the Beatles Special on TV, as well as frequent Fab Four documentaries.
 So I wanted to make Penny a Valentines day skirt I had pink gingham all ready for these little hearts. Then the shirt came in the mail and I knew it needed the skirt so I switched to green gingham. It was perfect and awesome and took an otherwise boy tee shirt and makes it look more girly. You know because all babies with short hair are boys to the general public and the green tee (although awesome) wouldn't help her cause any. I did also shorten the sleeve with a little tuck since the tee is just a bit big on Penny and even with the shorter sleeve they were plenty long.
 So now she has the perfect skirt for Valentines day and Saint Patricks day (you know since it's green) Also I don't know what is going on with blogger making a weird hue on these pictures I promise she is not cold her lips are not actually blue.
 So to make the skirt. This is a pretty quick not super detailed tutorial but it's simple and nothing new in the skirt world. I started with a width 2.5X Penny's hip and the Length I wanted with an added 1.5 inches for hemming. Then using heat n'bond and white knit fabric I cut out hearts and pressed them on the the skirt above the hem line and spaced evenly.
 Then I gathered up the top of the skirt.
 Then I made a waistband that was 4 inches tall and Penny's hip + 2 inches for ease. I sewed the waistband right sides together to the skirt.
 Then I pressed the waistband up and folded the skirt in half width wise and sewed the two ends together. Lastly (with out a picture because clearly I got lazy) I folded the top of the waist band down and sewed it down along the top of the skirt. I put some elastic in the back half to help gather it tighter. And hemmed the bottom of the skirt (which is shown above)
 Simple and quick to make, if only taking pictures of a 1 year old could be as easy…
She is a girl on the move these days.

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  1. That shirt is too cool! I love the little skirt you whipped up to go with it as well.
    We are HUGE Beatles fans in this house too!
    Our youngest is named after a song, and she loves to watch A Hard Day's Night!
    In fact, my Mom was the original fan, and they named me after a Beatles song too (Michelle).
    My Mom, as a teen even changed to write lefty so she could be like Paul!
    Kooky teen.


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