Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The All Stars!

Are you all wondering what in the world is going on over here? Well the cat was let out of the bag a while ago and I never shared the amazing news on here. I am participating in Project Run and Play All Stars! What? I know it's kind of an amazing honor. I participated in the first ever season of Project Run and Play and honestly it made me improve a ton! I was totally stressed, I was on vacation in the midst of it, and I was running Project Toddler Runway here on this blog. It was crazy. Well the amazing girls over at Simple Simon have been busy putting together an All Stars edition. It's so exciting and I am playing along with some great gals who have become friends, and they are all amazing so it should be a great time. So what have I been doing? Besides working on the 5 new spring patterns (coming out soon) I have been sewing for Project Run and Play All Stars and guess what? You can follow along on the fun! On instagram all the girls from the All Stars are using the hashtag #PRAPALLSTARS so you can follow along on the behind the scenes and get sneak peeks like the one above, from what will be the first weeks look. (the striped jacket is not part of the look but covering it up :) Feel free to follow me as well @shwinpics

Oh and things will get back to the new normal around here soon :)


  1. Alll starrrrrrrs!!!! So pumped.

  2. I am just so excited! I vote that the voting is all up to the judges, because I will probably get ulcers trying to pick by myself. Right???

  3. I am really really excited about all stars. Seriously.


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