Monday, February 11, 2013

Heart Shaped Sandwiches {Kids crafts week}

Valentines day is this week. Confession, not my favorite holiday, in fact it may be my least favorite holiday. For kids however I think every holiday is magical in their little worlds and my job as a parent is to fuel that magic instead of kill it. For that reason we have been doing a lot of Valentine crafting. I have been sharing them all over at The Studio, where I am a contributor, but I thought I would share the links here so you can have quick access to Valentines Crafts just for kids. 
First up have a little fun with your food. What is more fun than regular food cut out into fun shapes? And it is so quick and easy to do. 
Click on over to the Studio to check out the details including the Heart Picks which is a great craft to keep kids busy while you make food. 

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