Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Little Red Riding Boots {Free PDF Pattern}

 The free pattern today is a sweet little pair of boots. Because every baby needs some boots. This style is simple and clean and could easily work for a baby boy or girl.I just love boots on babies especially young babies because they stay on better when there is something wrapped around the ankle.
They are soft and comfy with a strap and snap closure.
The button is just for looks but you know I love a button :)
You can download the pattern HERE
It includes 0-3m 3-6m and 6-12m

Cut out your pieces. You will need 4 soles (2 reversed so you have a right and left foot) I used pleather for the outside sole since I think it holds up a little better. Then 4 toe pieces two outer and two lining, 4 Heel pieces two outer two lining, and 4 straps 2 for each shoe.
Start with the straps. Sew two right side together along the sides and curve. Then turn right side out and top stitch. Repeat with both straps.
Next for the toe pieces. Sew one lining and one outer piece right sides together along the grey dotted line. Clip the corners and the curve.
Turn it right side out and top stitch. Repeat with both toe pieces so you have two.
Next for the heels place the strap down near the top of the curved edge and have the raw sides together. Then place the lining right sides together, sew along the sides and top.
Clip the corners and curve then turn the heel right side out. You want two heel pieces like this but you want them to be reversed so the straps are opposite each other.
Then pin the heel in place to the soles (which should be wrong sides together) Sew the heel in place.
Then add the toe piece to the front. Sew in place. Clip all the curves on the sole.
Then turn the boot right side out and add a snap to the strap and side of the boot. Sew on a button for decoration and you are good to go.
Now you have some adorable little boots to keep those little toes warm.


  1. Oh, this is so great. I've been looking for a real bootie tutorial for so long! Thanks so much!!!

  2. Those boots are so stinking cute I think I'm going to have to make some right now. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thank you so much for the great tutorial. Unfortunately, I can not open the pattern. Any idea?

  4. this is adorable, thank you so much for sharing with us...
    I wish my kids were still so little to wear them ^_^

  5. Brillant! I'm going to add it to my "favourite-links" list. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Это очень полезно, спасибо)

  7. Fantastic- I am going to make these right away for a friend who's having a baby . Thank you ever so much for sharing the pattern !

  8. amazing boots, thanks for pattern

  9. I made these! Actually, I made two pair... My wee one is in a weird not 0-3 but not 3-6 size, so I initially made the larger pair, which were much too big on her, so I made a smaller pair. I love this pattern and got tons of compliments on the boots! The first pair I made, I used cotton for the in and outside, so I used an interfacing to give it more structure. The second pair, I used more of a denim type material, so I skipped the interfacing, but did add lace around the top of the pattern (so it looked like all of those cute boot socks). This is a woooooooooooooonderful pattern! It was easy to do and didn't take too much time, which is great because my little one is feeling needy these days!

    1. Laura, when you used cotton to make a pair of these did you serge or zigzag the edges? I am trying to decide what type of fabric would be best. Thanks.

  10. OMG!!! these are so beautiful... wish i could have a 17 years old pattern!!! any way, my cousin is 9 months and she's gonna love ´em

  11. I just made some! THANK YOU for sharing this pattern free, I had been looking for one similar to the Zutano ankle snap booties and was in despair of ever finding one when I happened across this. I have shared it with my pregnant/baby-having friends as well. Here is a link to a pic of the ones I made, from scraps of my older daughters' clothes.

    I only had a boring greyish fleece so I opted to use that for the lining instead. Worked great! Oh, and my sewing machine wasn't set up so I just sewed them by hand, minus the top-stitching and they were still so easy and quick. Thanks again!

  12. Thanks for sharing! I'll give this a try :)

  13. *waves* Hi! I just made these adorable booties today! I used suede and white canvas with a pink cotton for the lining. I tried to have it mimic a traditional Navajo Moccasins, they turned out pretty awesome! Thanks for the pattern.:


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