Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Baby Bibs {Free Pattern}

  Today's free pattern is a simple baby bib. Yes they are a dime a dozen. I am sure there are a million other patterns out there, but here is mine anyway :) The best thing about these baby bibs is they can easily be made for a boy or girl.
 Customize it with a little embroidery, or screen print, or anything you want. They also make a great gift for some one having a baby.
 Start by printing the template found HERE
Then you will cut out 2 or 3 layers depending on preference.To cut them out cut on the fold matching the fold line on the pattern.
I cut one front, one out of thin batting, and one back.
I like to use flannel so they are absorbent, you need about a fat quarter, of fabric.
 Start with right sides together. This means the batting and front become one piece with the batting towards the wrong side and then front and back will be right sides together.
 Then sew all around the edge leaving a small opening in the bottom so you can turn it right side out.
 Turn it right side out and press then top stitch the edge turning in the bottom opening, and sewing it closed.
 Then add a button hole and button to the top.
 If you want to add embroidery to the bib simply add the embroidery to the front and batting layer. It gives it a bit of a quilted appearance. Then finish the bib as instructed above.
And there you have it, a simple baby bib. For meal time, or drool time.

Check back all week for other free patterns!


  1. I was just thinking this morning about how bibs were the very first thing I ever learned how to sew....memories :). Love your embroidered one, how cute are you?!

  2. Very sweet. Thank you for sharing this lovely pattern.

  3. so cute!! Thanks for the pattern... I made one the other day (with some alterations) and really like it... I am wondering if you would be fine with me selling these bibs? You can contact me at miriamfs97(at)gmail(dot)com. Thanks!

  4. These baby bibs are so cute, I like them all, especially the embroidered one. I also love the idea of using buttons for the closure of the bibs. I always get impressed to those talented people, just like you. Great job and Thank you.


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