Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A little Crocheted Dress {Free Pattern}

 Before sweet Penny was born I got the desire to start crocheting. My mom had taught me a few simple stitches (I know 2) about a year ago and then with a new baby coming I thought was would be better than a little crochet dress. I figured making a dress couldn't be too hard, I know how I would sew one, so I just kind of started stitching....Then I had a dress. I was going to share a whole tutorial, or a pattern and then it occurred to me I have no idea how to write a crochet pattern (let alone follow one) and teaching some one to crochet it probably not my strength. However I can kind of share my pattern for those of you who do know how to do some simple stitches and have a desire to crochet a dress.
 The dress is a simple jumper with fitted bodice, flared skirt and shoulder straps. Nothing too fancy and the whole thing was stitched with a single crochet. Now for the part where I try and share the "pattern" and hope I used proper terms you can actually understand.
 So, For the flared skirt, I started by deciding how wide I wanted the total width. I settled on 20 inches for a newborn size. I made my chain 20 inches long, Then I looped through to create a circle. I continued with the single crochet around in the loop one time around as a row. I switched colors every 4 rows so that I would have stripes. Then after 12 rows, I began the decrease for the more fitted bodice. I did this by skipping a stitch every two stitches. When I was at the desired width I went back to the regular single stitch. You will see the dress forming and I just continued until I was at the size I wanted for the dress to end right under the armpit. Then I added stitches just in the center front to create a panel for the chest. Then lastly I added two straps in the back until they were the length I wanted. (so detailed right?) Add two buttons and you are good to go.
Did you follow that at all? Maybe? One of these days I will figure out the proper way to right a crochet pattern. Crochet is a lot of fun and a great peaceful activity. Before you know it you have created a thing of beauty.
 Just as babies are comfy in cozy soft knits, they are just as cozy in warm crocheted dresses. I love how warm it is for winter layered with a onsie, and yet how cool it could be for summer worn alone.
It's so soft and cozy it makes cuddling with a little baby that much better :)

Tomorrow is the January Link Party!
Can't wait to see all the fun things you are working on!


  1. That's adorable, Shauna!! Penny still looks so tiny and so cute!

  2. That's such a good idea. I LOVE seeing all your newborn projects, since I have a newborn (6 weeks old today) too.

  3. What a precious baby! :) And I love her little crocheted dress, I may have to make one for my daughters doll. I showed my daughter (4) this post and she kept saying, "Oh, that baby is so so so SO sweet!" and begged me to enlarge the. :)

  4. The photos, sorry. I got bumped by my 2-year-old. :)

  5. So pretty! I wish I could crochet..

  6. are amazing! Very cute!

  7. Love the dress! What yarn did you use?


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