Thursday, December 27, 2012

Vintage Tea Dress {re-post}

While I am adjusting to life with the new baby, enjoying the holidays and snuggles I am re-posting many of my guests posts that never got posted here, so enjoy the "walk down memory lane" 

 I typically gravitate towards modern and clean lines but honestly what's not to love about something vintage? Old treasures tell stories and a history, and I love finding the simple and clean lines that are so often found in vintage styles. 

 I decided to use "vintage feel" fabrics and trim and create a dress that was perfect for our backyard vintage tea party. (Jude's pants will be shared over on my blog today)
 So for the dress I started with a bodice piece really simple. You can use a trusted pattern or make your own by drafting from kids clothes. Make it about 2 inches wider in the middle than you want since there will be pleats.
 Then make a box pleat in the middle of the bodice piece. A box pleat is just two pleats that go out to either side. Press the pleats.
 Next I added some vintage like trim in both pleats and stitched it down in place to secure.
 Next using the bodice piece as my guide I made the back pieces but I split them down the middle since there would be buttons down the back. At this point I also used the front and back pieces as my guide for the lining. (I used the same fabric as the front for my lining)
 Then sew the front and back together at the shoulders. (do the same for the lining)
 Place the lining and front right sides together. Then sew along the black lines in the picture.
Clip the curves

 Then with right sides together line up the underarm (lining and front) and sew together the front and back so you have a nice little underarm seam.
 Next I added buttons down the back. I had these three little cream vintage buttons in my stash which were perfect and add that nice little vintage element.
 Now for the skirt piece I made used a natural linen, and cut a rectangle that was 2.5 times the waist measurement across and was the length that I wanted. Then I folded it in half and sewed down the side to create a wide skirt.
 I added extra large box pleats around the skirt so it fit the bodice. Then with right sides together sew them together.
 Then hem the bottom and that's it. A simple and easy vintage inspired dress.
 I love the clean lines of the pleats although it has a vintage feel.
 Perfect for those sunny afternoon tea party's we even used my baby blanket as the table cloth (which makes in "vintage" right? and some other vintage treasures from grandparents)
I had one pleased little girl, with the dress... and the proper party.


  1. Очень красиво!Люблю винтаж!!!!Очень нравится Ваше рукоделие!Спасибо за МК.
    С Наступающим Новым Годом!!!Огромного вдохновения и творческих успехов!!!

  2. oh man i just love seeing that spring sunshine and sweet dress again! thanks so much once again for being a part of vintage may!! :)

  3. This is dress was one of my favorites of yours from this past year. It's adorable. Enjoy your little one.

  4. I love this little dress! I have a baby boy, but oh if the next little one is a girl, she will be wearing this! Thank you for this post!


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