Friday, December 14, 2012

Instagram Friday!

Welcome to instagram Friday!
Did you think I had up and left the blog this week? Yeah ok I pretty much did, missed the super fun link party and everything. It's a crazy time of year :)

 My week started out with the first visit to the hospital for a non stress test, just making sure the baby (who decided to stop moving so much) is nice and safe in there... she is, probably to safe, and comfy :) Her movement has still been really slow, but my ribs are finally healing :)
 I had a girls night with this little girl, after spending a day in labor and delivery... 8 min contractions... totally fake. My husband went out and had boys night with Jude, and Abbey and I had girls night, timing those lovely and persistent fake contractions and doing puzzles.

 On 12-12-12 Katy from No Big Dill had a fun little hashtag party on instagram inviting people to share what they were doing at the 12 min. mark of every hour through the day. It was fun to document. We stayed pretty busy, getting done the last min things on my list before the baby arrives, doing everything we could to turn all this fake labor into real labor...
 After spending yet some more time in labor and delivery... (seriously fake labor is annoying... I never had it with the first two and it is messing with me so much this time) Still no baby, so we went to Jonny Rockets for dinner, this super cool chick loved hitting up the jukebox, she selected the songs herself (nearly all Beatles songs funny how that happened)
Then we took the kids to see the lights display. It's a fun little drive through park, the kids love it.

So, still no baby, if she doesn't come on her own soon we are scheduled to be induced next week, so at least we know she has to join us soon :)

Hopefully I will post a few more things next week I have been working on some fun projects lately that I am excited to share!


  1. Start a project. The baby will come as soon as you are knee deep in it. Good luck!!!

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  3. aw. fake labour sucks -but it can help things - or did with me anyway. started having it about 20weeks and getting more intense after 35 weeks with both my girls. 1st one was a total of 4hrs L&D, second child a complete 1.5hrs L&D! good luck!

  4. I agree fake labour sucks!! I had it with my little miss at around 35 weeks which meant a night in hospital then it settled! I hope the baby comes for you soon!! :-)

  5. I had the same experience as Jen... I had lots of fake labor but then when the real thing started, it was much easier and quicker than most. I was basically exercising my abs. :D

  6. Yuck! Nary a twitch from kidlet. 27 hours of pitocin-induced labor and then ended with a c section because i stalled at 8cms and 0 effaced at the 13 hour mark and 24 hours witj my water broken. No epidural tho and contractions off the little pink chart.... i had been.begging for the c section for hours by the time they agreed to it.

    May your labor be quick! And real!

  7. I agree with Jake, fake labour sucks. Good luck in future!!!


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