Monday, October 1, 2012

The Fall Patterns are here!

 The day has arrived! The new fall patterns are here! Jackets! You all likely know by now that I LOVE jackets. If there was one thing I would design all day it would be outerwear. It may be because I grew up in Minnesota, and so we wore jackets more than anything else, but seriously I love Jackets. This first release, is The Desmond Jacket. Designed for a boy this would totally work for a girl as well (the pattern tells you how to switch the way the jacket buttons for a girl)Jude actually helped me design this jacket.
 Which is why there is a "cape" in the back... in the form of a button yoke naturally. It's my favorite detail and I love that he helped design it. He totally feels like a super hero wearing it.
Oversized lapel was something I have always loved, but the button cuffs, were his idea since super heros usually have cuffs :)
Hand warmer pockets low enough that kids can actually use them. (what is the deal with the high chest level hand warmer pockets?) The Jacket he is wearing was made from a heavy poly wool blend, and lined with flannel (in a dino print just for Jude) So it will be nice and toasty for our mild but chilly winters. Especially with the sweet plaid scarf around his neck which he refused to model in the 90+ degree day... silly boy :)  
Pattern can be found here:

The next one is the Michelle Jacket. The sweet and full girls jacket. With a hood, and fully lined and roomy enough to layer well over winter wear. 
Abbey choose red, because the wool I wanted to use didn't come in pink or purple...(lucky me :) and it makes me think of little red riding hood every time I see it. 
 The jacket is nice and long (although it can be shortened to any length you like) I love the formal look of the long full swinging jacket. (with front pockets)
And the piping across the chest is the perfect little pop of color. Pleats add that lovely little feminine detail and add to the fullness of the jacket. 

The pattern can be found here:

(yes all the way up to a 10/12 which is the same as a woman's XXS)

 Lastly with a baby girl on the way, naturally I have been doing some designing for baby! The Baby Basics pattern is 1 pattern with 6 different looks and that means all you need for a complete baby wardrobe. Leggings, bloomers, jumpers, dresses and tops.
 And since I don't have a baby to model for me yet, I had some lovely testers take pictures for me instead. And how cute? (long sleeve dress)
And this sweet jumper. With curved bodice so you have some style elements to the sweet baby wear. 

Pattern Found Here:


  1. Waw, talking about prenatal productivity! ;-) I love the piping in the jacket and dress.

  2. How much fabric it needs for 4t-5t Desmond jacket? How hard to make? I see stuff but not much for clothes. Only pajama bottoms and pillow dress. It is very cute and like to try for my twin boys.

  3. oh, I really like the pockets & back on the Desmond jacket ~ well done !

  4. Of course you had to post this after I already made up my mind to sew the Urban Weekender coat!!! lol! I'll have to get the Desmond to make a coat for Christian! Love it!

  5. you've clearly been very busy! Beautiful patterns, and living in Michigan, I understand what you mean by living in jackets:) And the baby patterns are great - I love that curved bodice!

  6. I am totally loving those jackets! The details are fantastic, and I love that Jude helped design the Desmond jacket. The cuffs on the sleeves and "cape" on the back are my favorite details. Can't wait to buy them both!

  7. Oh, I just love the Desmond Jacket. The cuteness! I love the pea coat shape and the fabulous details. You can be sure I'll be promoting this boy sewing project!

  8. If I am ever blessed with a boy, I'll be making that Desmond Jacket for sure! Just made three Abbey Jackets for my girls this last week... (Love them, btw!) So I'll have to use the Michelle pattern for next year! :)

  9. Where did you buy the wool for your coats?

  10. Ohh...what a great and informative Ideas For Great, Personalized Personalised baby gifts .


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