Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Link Party #40

Welcome to this weeks link party! Yep not posting anything else these days but hey, the link party is here. I am soaking up the little mini break, having fun with my shwin and my mom here, stocking up for the baby, you know a little breather. So here are a few of my favorites from last weeks link party. (which was amazing!)

 It's Always Autumn shared this JCrew knock off outfit she made. Um yes, I love a good knock off and this is just super cute.
 Yeast Pen Thread shared this yellow brick road top she made. I am in love with the design.
Cation Designs shared this awesome top! I love the designs of stripes, and a super cute and flattering design.

So let's see what you have been up to this week!

New to link parties? That's totally fine here's what you have to do:

Find a entry on your blog that you want to link up.
It can be ANYTHING (unless it's an ad or something let's keep it spam free)
Say it is a great new project you just made and have been dying to share it with the crafting world. 
the link should look something like this:
http://(your blog adress/website)/(the post you want to link).html
Linking to the post is the easiest way for people to get back to that post.

Then click where it says "click here to enter" 
follow the steps to link your post and create a title, and select your picture.
Keep in mind the picture will be small thumbnail so pick a picture that shows it off the best. 

Lastly if you were so kind to add our button to your page or post, or where every you store your link party things that would be super cool. You don't have to use the button to link up, it's just there for you if you can't live without it. 

cool? cool. Let's get the party started!


We LOVE comments! We love questions just the same, so go ahead and ask away! If you ask a question and your email is linked we will respond to your email, if not we will try to respond in the comments, thanks!

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