Monday, September 17, 2012

The Bow Belt {Belly+Baby}

 It's Monday! That means another installment of Belly+Baby! So I don't sew a lot for myself while I am pregnant... well I don't sew a lot for myself in general. However something I do wear all the time when I am pregnant, is a belt. No not at my non-exsistent waist... I wear it up high so there is some definition between my chest and my belly, since nearly everything just likes to tent over my body, and let's face it pregnancy doesn't mean no shape. So I have a old belts I wear, and a few I made. I made one exactly like Kate did here I made mine with 1/4 inch elastic and a floppy lace bow, but same idea. (I am wearing it here even though you can hardly see it) I love the elastic but I wanted some other belts thrown into the mix as well.
So I decided to make a belt that I can wear non preggo too (since I am already dreaming of those days :) I am in love with bows, but I made this one so that it can be removed, or moved to the back if you want the bow in a different place. And it was super easy to make, which is always a good thing

 I started with a strip of vinyl (faux leather) and made it 3 inches wide and long enough to wrap around me. Then I folded it in half width wise and sewed the edges. (this made it 1.5 inches wide when done) Tip when sewing with vinyl place a piece of tape on the bottom of the sewing foot and it will glide through much easier.
 Then I slipped two D rings on one end and sewed the end over.
 Lastly I sewed along the folded edge and now you have a belt. Simple and done... unless you want a bow.
 I cut two rectangles one large, one slightly smaller.
 Then I pinched them in the center and wrapped a thin strip around the middle.
 I hot glued the edge down in back.
 Then I used some embroidery floss to make two loops on the bow, to make sure it would fit on the belt I looped it right around the belt. Don't sew to the belt though, then you are able to move the bow, or take it on and off.
 Then you are done. With a cute new belt.
 To wrap around your growing belly... (26 weeks) or to be worn at any other time.

And just because I care... I will show you how you can wear it as a back bow, but pictures from the back... not my best angle :) Still it is cute to have a little bow in the back...

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  1. you preggos with your belly belts, so stinking cute. Jess was wearing a belt last week, and I was like - man, how cute is that?! I never thought to put my belt over my belly like that, and now here you are with this adorable tutorial Shauna. You guys are so cute!!!

  2. Stylish yet playful :-) And what a beautiful belly you have!

  3. That is super cute! I think I gotta make me one...even though I am not pregnant I think it would be adorable!

  4. This is precious! I love that I can still wear this after my pregnancy. It still totally works even if its not proudly displayed atop my baby bump. Thanks for posting! i'm loving this series!



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