Monday, April 16, 2012

Cozy Pajama Pants

 So Jude came to my husband and kindly asked that he stop washing his pajamas in hot water because they keep shrinking. (yes my husband does the laundry) My husband laughed and explained that his pajamas are not shrinking but that he is growing. So we went through his pajamas and discovered he has in fact out grown almost all of them. (darn those growth spurts) So instead of buying pajamas that I am never completely thrilled with, I decided to take Jude down to Joanns and let him pick out all the flannels that he wanted.
(Yes I am aware that they are not intended for sleepwear due to the fire hazard and what not, but they are cotton, which is not going to melt on my kids skin in some way so it is a choice I made) 
 We whipped out several pairs in a short afternoon with huge cuffs that can be let down as he grows so these will last him a nice long time. So If you want to make your own here is a super easy way to make some (and I do mean easy) it is a great beginner project and I am showing you 3 different cuff options (each one gets a little easier)
 Start with some flannel, or other cotton fabric. I used 3/4 a yard for each pair. Wash the flannel before you start. You should always wash and dry your fabrics, but I especially always wash my flannels first because it changes the whole feel of the fabric and the way it behaves.

 Grab a pair of pajamas that fit or even if they don't you can use them as your guide and add space where you need it. Fold them in half so the leg and crotch is exposed. Then line them up along a fold in the fabric and cut out around them. Add and extra 3 inches to the top so you can fold it under for the elastic casing at the top. The picture above shows the pant leg folded and unfolded. You will want to legs cut out.
 Also cut out a cuff for the bottom, you want it to be twice the length that you want the end cuff to be since it will be folded in half and you can let it down as the kid grows.
 Now for cuff option number one I placed a strip of bias tape along the bottom of the leg. Then I place the cuff piece on top so the right sides are together. Sew along the raw edge.
 Then press flat and top stitch along the seam.
 Next fold the leg right sides together and sew from the bottom of the cuff up to the crotch.
Then fold the bottom edge of the cuff up. 

 Then fold the cuff up so the folded edge covers seam and sew along the black dotted line.

 Now you have cuff option number one done. You should have two legs now.
 Next to finish the pants place one leg into the other so the right sides are together. (one inside out and one right side out) Then sew along the "U" shape so the two legs get sewn together.
 Next fold the top edge of the pants under.
 Then fold them under again and sew along the bottom edge. Leave an opening for the elastic to go in.
 Then slip the elastic in to the casing and sew it together at the desired size.
 Then sew the casing closed. I usually add a little tag of folded twill tape or something to the back so that Jude can tell the difference from the front and back. (although it doesn't matter)
 Now you are done with the pants.

 Cuff option number two is simply done without the bias tape at the seam.
 Option number 3 just cut the pant legs 4 inches longer and then fold them up for the cuff.
Pair them with a tee and you have a perfect PJ set, and I have a very happy little boy who was thrilled to have some new PJ's that he helped pick out and make.


  1. OMG I love them so much, you inspired me, so much that I do not know how to sew yet, but I finally have a sewing machine, and I also got the fabric, lets see if I can make something like that for my little boy. Thanks for your posts.

  2. THANK YOU! I really have trouble finding PJ pants for my son. He is tall but skinny so al the pants we buy, falls down. I will certainly try out your tourturial :)

  3. I was just thinking yesterday that I needed to make some pj pants for my daughter. Thanks for the tutorial! I need to get to Joann's and get me some flannel.

  4. I am so in love!! Thank you for the awesome tutorial. My son is totally out of pj's and I don't love the options out there for buying new ones. I'm putting this on my todo list.

  5. So cute! I mean, who really pays attention that "not intended for children's sleepwear" warning on flannel, anyway? And what are we supposed to use it for if not adorable PJs like this??? ;)

  6. Very very cute! I have been thinking of making some PJs for my daughter. I love the Mickey fabric you found, and so would my daughter. Where did you find it? Thanks!

    1. Sorry! Ignore the question about where you found the fabric - I need to make a trip to JoAnn :-)

  7. LOVE the pants! And I've never understood the whole, "children must wear poly to bed for safety" thing...I mean, please explain to me how my child is going to start on fire while he's sleeping?

    1. The fabrics approved for sleepwear are coated in a fire retardant chemical. The idea is that if a fire starts while they sleep their pjs might give them an extra minute or two. When I look at the chances of my house catching on fire at night vs. bombarding my kids with yet another chemical Every Night, it doesn't make sense to me either. I've made all their pjs since the day I got my first machine.

  8. Great tutorial! My grandson is 2-1/2 and we are having a hard time finding fun pyjamas for him - so I love your idea!

  9. I have a question about the pant leg , , mine comes to a point at the butt and yours doesn't did i cut the pattern wrong?


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