Thursday, January 5, 2012

Modern Captain America Tee

 It should be pretty clear by now that I have a "super-hero-lovin'-bad-guy-fighting" little boy in my house. So we have been having fun expanding his wardrobe lately. He loves helping me pick out the fabric, or choosing a design. (the green linen pants? His idea, also a peek at a new pattern due out soon)
 He decided on captain america for this tee (although there will likely be more) I like the modern look of a few details without it being a total character shirt. (even though he did get some cool vintage looking super hero shirts for Christmas) Making one is really easy.
 Start with a tee. I ironed some fusible interfacing to the inside of the tee. I did this to help stabilize the tee so it wouldn't stretch and warp as I put the pieces on. You could skip this but if you have fusible interfacing on hand (which is handy to keep on hand, and wow that was a lot of "hand" talk) go ahead and use it. Then you will want to cut out a helmet shape (I used denim) an "A", a star, and two wing like shapes for the helmet.
 Then place the helmet down on the tee and stitch around the edge.
 Then sew the A down and I quilted the A for an added effect.
 Finish up by sewing the wings and star on, which I also quilted on.
 Then it's done, so your little guy can throw it on. As I am sure he eagerly will.
 Jude loves to wear his with the super hero pants I made him. (thanks mom for the fabric)He LOVES his super hero pants, but they don't leave the house...
I guess that's why he will stick with his green linen. At least I love linen.


  1. I love captain America and this shirt! I never would have thought to pair denim with a navy shirt, but with the white stitching it looks really neat. My husband would probably enjoy having that superhero ensemble in his size. Lol.

  2. So Cute!!! Can I ask where your mother found that super hero fabric? My boys would love that fabric!

    1. She got the fabric at Jo-anns. It seems to come and go from my local Jo-anns

  3. His green linen pants are adorable! I can't wait for your pattern!!

  4. LOVE the super hero legs! awesome!

  5. I like so much the pants! is there tutorial for that? thanks and COMPLIMENTS!!

  6. Hi, I'm a fairly new sew'er and I'm trying to get my head around fusible web/ interfacing. Is this the same thing and is it basically to keep things in place whilst you sew?
    P.s. I love how you design with your son. I must try this with my daughter. Beautiful clothes-I love his coat x


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