Monday, November 7, 2011

Fabric Covered Buttons {with embroidery detail}

 I have a new love. A serious and deep love for fabric covered buttons. For the longest time I was somewhat intimidated by them, and then I thought they were expensive and not worth it. Then I made my first ever fabric covered button a month ago and I have been seriously and utterly hooked ever since. They add the perfect touch to anything you are making and such a lovely detail. Then I decided I would step it up a but and add some embroidery detail. I LOVE embroidery. So if you have never made a fabric covered button... it's time, with or without the embroidery they are worth it.
 So fabric covered button kits are available in lots of sizes, and you can find them at any craft store. They can be a little pricey, I think. I got a 1 1/2 inch button kit 2 buttons and the tool for around 5 dollars. However then you can buy refills. (just the button pieces) for cheaper I actually order them on Ebay, they come super fast (like 3 days) I got 25 for around 10 dollars. Much better in price and they are huge which I love. The place I buy the refills you don't get the tool, so just buy one kit so you get the tool and the template for the buttons. The template is for cutting out the fabric circle. So you cut out one circle per button see how it's much larger than the button itself?
 Then since I am going to add embroidery I used a iron on interfacing to make the fabric stiffer for stitching on. You just cut out a circle in the same size and iron it down bumpy side down.
 Then on the back side I trace the button in the center so I know where I should place my design.
 Then on the right side I choose I design that fits in that center. I just use a pen to draw on my design. You could use a washable fabric pencil if you wish. A little secret. I find an image I want online (search for an image as a line drawing and you will find lots of great options) Then I hold the fabric circle up to the computer screen and trace it right on to the fabric with my pen. (my husband is likely cringing right now at the thought of me doing that, but my screen is fine just press lightly) Then you have your designs all drawn on and you are ready to stitch.
 I just use a regular back stitch for most of my embroidery. If you need help with stitches I shared some tips HERE. The tip for a cleaner looking design is to take small stitches.
 Then you are ready to make the button. Center the design over the circle of the mold. Then press the dome part of the button into the mold. Push the fabric into the dome. Then place the shaft part of the button down over the top. There is a pusher tool to help you press them together, but I find that with the larger size buttons you can just press it with your fingers.
 Then pop the button out of the mold and marvel at how cute it is.
 Then make a few more. You will be seriously addicted.
Then use them on a garment as you would a regular button. Only it will be 10 times better because they are cute little fabric buttons. They will match what you are making every time. The cute and simple dress that these buttons are on will be shared tomorrow. Until then have fun getting your button on!


  1. So cute! Thanks for the inspiration, I hadn't thought to put embroidery on the buttons before.

  2. Aggghh! You've given me yet another project that I can't resist trying! Maybe I'll use my next 40% coupon for the kit . . .

  3. I love how the embroidery makes the buttons stand out. How unique!


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