Friday, September 23, 2011

A little Fawn Tunic

 It's Friday! Oh man how I love fridays! And it's time to share the garment of the week! Remember the sleeves from earlier this week? Well Let's finish that top. Inspired by this lovely number from Zara's I loved this top and now it is gone... so I thought I would make one.
 I had an old sweatshirt laying around that was perfect to get cut up. It was one I rescued from my parents Goodwill pile,since it had a few stains but they were easy to cut around and now a shirt that was ruined is new. (love that) We will start with where the sleeve lesson leaves off. Which gives you a top with sleeves.
 Hem the bottom and sleeves. I like to use a double needle since it gives it such a nice finished edge.
 Then I cut some curved pockets out and hemmed the edge.
 Then pin the pockets on the shirt and top stitch around the round edge.
 Next for the deer. I printed a picture of a deer on to some paper and then placed it on the top.
 Using a fabric marker I traced around the edge.
 Then I had the outline of the deer.
 Then I filled in the details of the deer. When the deer was dry, I ironed over it to heat set the design.
 Next I added a facing to finish the neckline. (more on how to cut that out here)
 Then turn the facing to the inside and top stitch around the edge. I used a double needle and stitched two rows but you don't have to.
 Lastly for a little extra pop of color I added a small button to the pocket.
 There you have a little fawn tunic.
 I love the effortless look that a sweatshirt always provides.
The ruffled sleeve adds that nice feminine touch.


  1. This is so cute...I love that is made from an old sweatshirt! Bril!

  2. That is gorgeous - you are so clever!

  3. Im making this!!! NOW. well.. when i find a spare sweatshirt.

  4. I faund you 1 hour ago :) i saw almost all things in your blog and really love your perfect tutorial.

  5. Oh, I LOVE a sweatshirt dress! Especially one with pockets! I linked to you in the post I wrote about the one I made--thanks for the inspiration!


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