Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fall into Fall Dress

I LOVE these. I have no idea what they are called they are some sort of berry that grow in these clusters in my in-laws back yard and I LOVE them. They are so pretty, I love the criss cross on them and the color. I have been inspired by them for some time now. 

I am also a gap-aholic. I seriously LOVE the gap.  There stuff is so cute. When I saw this dress I just about died. I mean I will surely be buying this dress, because it is perfect. I also loved the design of the dress the peasant like style, with the bow and the tulle sticking out of the bottom. I love it. So my two loves came together and I bring you the Fall into Fall dress. 
Making the pattern is super easy. There are a lot of peasant top tutorials floating about and I am not about to claim I created this pattern. So HERE are the directions I followed (plugging in my own measurements) The only changes I made is since it was for a kid I only dropped my arm opening down about half of what she did, and second I dropped the neck line about 1/2 inch more then she did in the instructions.  So the picture shows the pattern made. Make one for yourself. 

Then for the cutting cut one bodice piece on the fold and then one a few inches in from that and cut it down the middle. ( I did the best to show that in the picture)

Cut two sleeves with the pattern as is, and then cut two more after you cut the sleeve narrower as shown above. 

So here is a picture of all the pieces you should have (if you want it fully lined like I did)  Or you can just cut one of your fabric and still do the double sleeves. So I have 2 bodice fronts 4 bodice backs and 4 sleeves

First sew the sleeves to the bodice pieces by sewing at the curve
If you are lining do this for both.

When done you should have something like the picture above.
If you are fully lining like I did then fold the top so right sides are together and sew the side seams together for both front and lining pieces.
If you are not lining but want the puff sleeve then sew the sleeve lining to the sleeve part of the top. You will have to gather the sleeve so that it will line up with the narrower lining sleeve (this gives you the bubble sleeve)

Now you will connect the front to the lining do this by sewing along the neckline sewing together the two pieces. You will have to put pleats in at the shoulder where the wide sleeve connect to the lining. 

Also pleat the front before you sew in place. Then sew and turn in right side out.

Tuck the sleeve under and sew in place. I used jersey knit for both the front and lining so I stretched the lining tight while sewing the outside sleeve to it, (this gives a bubble effect, although it is not the best way to do it I am working on a better way)

Then put a zipper in the back. (follow the directions on the zipper to put it in) Then sew below the zipper to connect. 

Lastly hem up the bottom and I took a long strip of tulle gathered it and then sewed it in place underneath as I hemmed, making it so just a little peaked out. 

Then your done. Put it on, and enjoy some light reading...

It is the comfy lovely fall dress

Perfect to wear with some funky tights, and since it is double layered it is nice and toasty for fall. 


  1. I think your model is adorable!

  2. Oh My Gosh!!! I love, love, love this dress!!! Thanks so much for posting it up. I am thinking I should make one for all of my nieces for Christmas. Oh it is just too cute for words. Seriously!!!
    Also, I'm totally inspired by your entire blog.


  3. The berries are Rowanberries. Love the dress

    1. Hi - I live in Arizona and have 6 plants in my backyard with the exact berries. To me they look like pyracantha berries. We used to think they were poisonous, but that was not true. They have white flowers first, then the berries come in bright orange color.

    2. Oh and by the way, I love your create ideas!

  4. I love this dress. Can you post the link from gap where you got the striped one? I can't seem to find it! Thanks!!

  5. Fantastic! I love the dress and the tutorial.

  6. I love this dress.You totally make it sounds easy like breeze :). I will try to blow up this pattern to fit my 7 and 9 year old girls . Hope it will work. Making cloths for bigger kids is a bit intimidating, they seam to have strong opinions :)

  7. I absolutely adore this dress! I have one question - has the tulle been okay if you put it through the wash?? Thanks!!

  8. I love this dress, but for newbies can you label the pieces in the picture? Your model is adorable.

  9. Also wondering if the tulle is okay in the wash and if it is itchy for the wearer. Could you help?


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